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  1.playing court 球场2.basketball 篮球3.team bench areas 球队席区域4.side line 边线5.center line 中线6.end line 端线7.boundary line 界线8.lane place line 分位线9.free throw line 罚球线10.free throw lane 罚球区11.three Point line 三分线12.front court 前场13.mid court 中场14.back court 后场15.centre circle 中圈16.restricted area 限制区I7.ring 篮圈18.net 篮网19.lane place 位置区20.three-Point field goal areas 三分投篮区21.neutral zone 中立区22.backboard 篮板23.basket 球篮24.basket。uPPort 篮架25.basket Post 篮架支柱26.used ball 用过的球27.game clock 开表28.stop the clock 停表29.team foul marker 全队犯规标志30.foul markers 犯规次数牌31.team bench 球队席32.substitute bench 替补队员席33.whistle 哨34.technical equipment 技术设备35.dimension of the court 球场面积36.ownkasket 本方球篮37.oPPonent’s basket 对方球篮


  1.scorer 记录员2.time keeper 计时员3.thirty-second operator 30秒钟计时员4.score sheet 记录表5.same clock 比赛计时表6.scoreboard 记分牌7.substitution 替换8.scorer table 记录台9.line-up 上场阵容(五人)10.recording of the foul 犯规的登记11.termination of playing time signal 比赛时间结束的信号12.end of game 比赛结束13.rules 规则14.the signal is sound 发出信号15.score of first half time 上半时比分16.score of second half time下半时比分17.score of extras period 决胜期比分18.number of player 队员号码19.number of captain 队长号码20.team leader 领队21.doctor 医生22.masseur 按摩员23.statistician 统计员24.interpreter 译员25. procedure for substitution 替换程序26.procedtire to follow in case of protest 抗议程序27.game played 比赛场数28. wins 胜场数29.losses 负场数30.polllts 积分31.goal difference 得失分32.goal average 得失分率33. final Place 最终名次34.team“A”bnch area “A”球队席区域35.team“B”bench area “B”球队席区域36.assistant scorer 助理记录员37.commissioner of chairman 技术代表38.final score 最后比分39.wining team 优胜队40.decision of a game 比赛胜负41.recording of the foul 犯规登记42.tie score 比分相等43.operate the game match 开动计时表44.stop the time 停止比赛时间45.charged time-out 请求暂停46.stop the clock 停表47.broad caster 广播员


  1.tearm 球队2.home team 主队3.guest team 客队4.attacking team 进攻队5.defending team 防守队6.coach 教练员7.assistant coach 助理教练员8.line-up 阵容9.member 成员10.list of players 队员名单11.captain 队长12.player 队员13.basket baller 篮球运动员14.right forward 右前锋15.left guard 左后卫16.center;centrelplvot 中锋17.leading player 主力队员18.substitute 替补队员19.teammate 同队队员20.opponent 对方队员21.offensive player 进攻队员22.defensi、play6r 防守队员23.the player with the ball 持球队员24.the player without the ball 不持球队员25.a player who controls the ball 控制球队员26.a player who does not control the ball 不控制球的队员27.shooter 投篮队员28.free-thrower 罚球队员29.jumper 跳球队员30.non-jumper 非跳球队员31.dribbler 运球队员32.the player taking the throw-in 掷界外球队员33.screener 掩护队员34.the pivot player 策应队员35.the player who is in the air 腾空的队员36.in juried player 受伤的队员37.off ending player 犯规队员38.team leader 领队39.team follower 随队人员40.spectator 观众


  1.officials 裁判人员2.referee.主裁判3.umpire 副裁判4.official's signals 裁判员手势5.two points 两分6.one points 一分7.three point attempt 试报三分8.three point-succefull shot 三分9.cancel score 得分无效10.time in 计时重新开始11.time out 比赛时间停止12.end of game 比赛结束13.jump ball 跳球14.signal 信号15.forfeit 弃权16.unsportsman like 不道德17.warning 警告18.no score 投中无效19.the leading official 前导裁判员20.the trailing official 追踪裁判员21.the referee calling the decision 做出宣判的裁判员22.the Other referee 另一裁判员23.the active referee 执行裁判员24.the free referee 配合裁判员25.internationdl referee 国际裁判26.national referee 国家级裁判27.referee of first category 一级裁判员28.chief referee 裁判长29.officials and their assistants 裁判员及其助理人员30.duties and powers of referee 主裁判的职责和权力31.dunes of officials 裁判员的职责32.black trousers 黑色长裤33.GREy shirt 灰色上衣34.black basketball shoes 黑色的篮球鞋35.walt a minute 等一会36.donlt shout 不要呼喊37.no talking 不要说话38.already two time—outs 已经两次暂停39.time expired first 时间已到40.goal counts 投中有效41.time and place for decisions 宣判的时间、地点42.location of player and official 队员和裁判员的位置43.choice of the ball 选择比赛用球44.officials disaGREe 裁判员意见不同45.carefull examine the score sheet 认真审查记录表46.approve the score 批准记录47.confirm the time that remain to be player 确定比赛剩余时间48.beckoning substitute to come on the court 招呼替补队员进场49.blowing the whistle 吹哨50.the officials shall consulate the game in accordance w ith rules 裁判员应使比赛按照规则的规定进行比赛51.administering penalties 执行罚则52.takes place 就位53.reprimand 劝告54.signature 签名55.raise hand.举手56.bad toss 抛球不好57.choice of baskets选择球篮58.charge the baskets 互换球篮59.resetting of 30 second clock 30秒钟复位


  1.violation 违例2.travelling 带球跑3.kicking the ball球4.held ball 争球5.double dribble 两次运球6.striking ball with the fist 拳击球7.Interbrins with ball 干扰球8.lmederence w1th the ball on offence 进攻队干扰球9.Interkneme with the ball on offence 防守队干扰球10.ProGREssing with the ball 持球移动11.jump ball violations 跳球违例12.three一second rule 三秒钟规则13.bye—second rule五秒钟规则14.ten一second rule 十秒钟规则15.thirty一second rule 三十秒钟规则16.Penalty 罚则17.ball returned to back court $回后场18.Out—of—bounds 出界,界外19.free throw 罚球20.free throw violation 罚球违例21.vlhatlons of the throw-in from out-of-bounds play 掷界外球时违例22.Player who Is to attempt free throws 执行罚球的队员23.the ball accidentally enters the basket from below球意外的从球篮下面进入24.tiee free throw 三次罚球25.two free throw 一次罚球26.one free throw 一次罚球27.the ball lodges in the basket support 球停在篮国支颈上28.violation of the three second rule 三秒违例29.violation of the five second rule 五秒违例30.tlolotloll Of the ten-second rule十秒违例31.violation of the thirty second rule 三十秒违例32.Jump ball in special situation 特殊情况的争球33.illegal dribble 非法运球


  1.foul 犯规2.Personal foul 侵人犯规3.technical foul 技术犯规4.pushing 推人5.holding 拉人6.blocking 阻挡7.charslns 撞人8.illegal use of hands 非法用手9.Intentional foul 故意犯规10.double foul 双方犯规11.disgualifyins foul 取消比赛资格的犯规12.foul by team m control of the ball 控制球队犯规13.trip 绊人14.Personal contact 身体接触15.five fouls 五次犯规16.calling of the fouls 宣告犯规17.techmcal foul during intervals of play 比赛休息时间内的技术犯规18.fouls in special situations #殊情况下的犯规19.unsportsmanlke conduct 不道德的行为20.profane language 不尊敬的语言21.delay the game一拖延比赛22.the foul was committed on a player 对投篮队员的犯规23.suardlns from the real 从背后防守24.grasPed the ring抓篮圈25.obstructed vision 妨碍视线26.the foul by the coach 教练员犯规27.the foul by the player 队员犯规28.the foul by the substitute 替补队员犯规29.acts of violence 粗暴行为30.acceptable contact 合法的身体接触31.roughness of Personal contact 粗野的身体接触32.calling fouls Procedure 宣告犯规的程序33.screen foul 掩护犯规


  1.playing time 比赛时间2.begining of the game 比赛开始3.duties and power of the captain 队长职责和权力4.inmng team 胜队5.losing team 负队6.pass 传球7.dribble H球8.screen 掩护9.plyot 旋转10.centre forward,前锋11.guard 后卫12.balling play affer goal 中篮后继续比赛13.decision of the game 比赛胜负14.ball goes in to play 球进入比赛状态15.time-out in case of injury 遇伤害事故中断比赛16.control of the ball 控制球17.ball racemes alive 球成活球18.the act of shooting 投篮动作19.the ball given to opponent 抢断球20.control of the ball by the player 队员控制球21.control of the ball by the team 队控制球22.belnning of a game 开始比赛23.opposing players 双方队员24.players leave the court please 队员离场25.the ball put in play at the mid—court 中场外掷界外球继续比赛26.the ball put in play at the side—line 边线外掷球比赛27.the ball put in play at the end line 端线外掷球比赛28.free throw Is successful 罚球中篮29.a goal is made 中篮、投中30.goaln't madle 投篮未中31.cancel score 得分无效32.refusal to play 拒绝比赛